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Very well organized, nice options for routes, beautiful scenery, not too far from Boise.

POW does a superlative job putting ride together


Have lots of friends how have participated for many years. I finally got my chance and just loved it all. Thank you!


I love these rides and I love all the people responsible for making it such a great success. I appreciate hearing about how the community benefits from the money your club raises. Thank you for another fabulous event!


I thought this was a very well run event. I really enjoyed the new routes! Well done!


You all did an excellent job! I will be back next year with my same group of friends.


You guys do an excellent job. Love this ride.


I can’t thank you enough for the great ride. I’ll see you next year!


It was an excellent organized event. Great rest stops. Great food. Keep up the great work! I would do it again.


Well supported, fun ride